Questions & Answers

Where is Wilshire Precision located?

We are located at 7353 Hinds Avenue, North Hollywood, California, approximately fifteen miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

How long has Wilshire Precision been in business?

Wilshire Precision was founded by Harold Lewis in 1951 in Los Angeles and has been in continuous operation ever since.

Is Wilshire Precision certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100?

Yes. Our facility is certified to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D. We also employ Six Sigma and Statistical Process Control (SPC), and we are certified in gear metrology.

Is Wilshire Precision Nadcap approved?

Yes, our facilities are Nadcap approved for chemical processing.

Do you manufacture individual components as well as entire electric motors and assemblies?

Yes we do. Wilshire Precision is a full-service manufacturer of precision components for a variety of industries and applications.

Does Wilshire Precision have CAD/CAM capabilities?

Yes. We offer full CAD/CAM services with the ability to translate all standard digital files and datasets.

What are the machining capacities at Wilshire Precision?

Our maximum machining capacities are 12” diameter x 24” length for CNC turning, and 50” x 20” x 20” xyz for CNC milling.

Can you support Long-Term Purchasing Agreements and Just-In-Time delivery requirements?

Absolutely. Wilshire Precision is experienced with JIT shipments in conjunction with our inventory services for long-term agreements. Contact us to learn more about our contract and delivery options.

Does Wilshire Precision have facilities for casting electric motor rotors?

Yes. Our 6,000-square-foot rotor casting facility has been in continuous operation since 1986 and provides all of the rotors used in our electric motor assembly operations.

Can Wilshire Precision build complete assemblies?

We specialize in building complete assemblies in-house under strict quality control. Our new 2,500-square-foot, climate-controlled, clean assembly room features motor-building cells with plenty of room for future growth.

Do you guarantee your products?

Yes. All Wilshire Precision products are guaranteed to be in strict compliance with all applicable drawing specifications and contract requirements.

Is information management technology used at your facility?

Yes. We use advanced MRP software from Global Shop Solutions to manage our workflow for maximum quality and efficiency, and to provide flexibility to meet our customers’ changing requirements.

Does Wilshire Precision have gear cutting capabilities?

Yes we do. Wilshire Precision’s Gear Manufacturing department offers CNC gear hobbing from 8 DP to 256 DP, and up to 10” diameter x 20” length of cut. Our CNC gear shaping capacity is from 8 DP to 256 DP, and up to 2.25” length of cut. Our capabilities include internal and external splines and gears, as well as straight bevel gears from 16 DP to 96 DP, Helical and Crown Splines and Gears.

How do I find out more about doing business with Wilshire Precision?

To find out what Wilshire Precision can do for you please call us at (818) 765-4571.